Corporate Responsibility

Our directors have a strong belief that eyes are one of the most important organs to see the world. It is the main source of information.

A small child begins to study the world precisely through sight. You will see the smile of your child or lovers walking along the street, or beautiful flowers.

As such, in line with our directors' philosophy, we have established a charitable hospital named as Lala Dataram Khandelwal Dharmarth Eye Hospital.

The hospital was built in memory of the director's grandfather. The hospital is located in a small town named Bithoor near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Bithoor is situated on the right bank of the Ganga and is the center of Hindu pilgrimage.

The hospital serves the poor and low-income residents on a charity basis. Many big companies and groups have been connected to this hospital. Some of them are regularly volunteering and donating to the hospital funds or through hospital resources.

Many charitable trusts and individuals are providing annual support to the hospital.

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